The Mano Table

No table in the world is like this one.

The Mano table is a customised and unique dining table with remarkable durability and strength. The organic shape follows the natural growth of the tree, making each table unique. 

Any natural crack is blocked with butterflies, which is an old technique that retains the cracks, so they do not expand. 

The matt lacquer, which every tabletop is treated with three times, highlights the beautiful grain of the tree and makes it easy to maintain.

The table is made in certified suar wood, which is very suitable for tabletops due to the durability and hardness of the material, as well as the resistance towards stains and easy maintenance. Suar is a wood type with exceptionally beautiful colours and unique grain pattern with characteristic, expressive contours. For this reason, most suar wood products are allowed to keep their natural colour. 

Pick the suar slab that fits your space and expression, and we will deliver the finished table to you.


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